At Bethesda holy church, believers are experiencing miracles and wonders. Sinners get saved, barren are conceiving, demons are casted out, the sick are healed, the weak and hopeless are comforted.

A police officer, Philbert has been suffering from the very strange kidney tumor. The size of the tumor was 9x3cm. The doctors had already transferred him to India for advanced medical treatment. While Pastor Rugamba was visiting King Faycal Hospital, he saw this man on the wheelchair. After some discussions, this man believed that God could heal him no matter doctor’s statement. Pastor Rugamba prayed with the patient and went

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Dr. Jean Pierre’s wife has known the medical operation of one side ovary. After marriage the second ovary got attacked and the Doctors confirmed that this couple will never get chance to conceive. After 5 years of this situation, this couple came to Bethesda Holy Church. Pastor Albert Rugamba prayed with this couple and something

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