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Rwanda, 26,388 Km2, more than 9 Million souls, is situated at heart of Africa, commonly known as the country of 1000 hills.

After the 1994 Tutsi’s Genocide, most Rwandese sought the presence of God by joining churches in big numbers. This tragic event left several physical and spiritual wounds among the Rwandese people and almost everyone has lost either a family members and/or properties. Everywhere we meet orphans and widows.

Several churches arose from the ashes of Genocides and among them Bethesda Holy Church (BHC) was founded. The foundation of Bethesda Holy Church was lead by Pastor Albert Rugamba and his wife Jeanne Muhongayire under the leading of the spirit of God. Muhima area is known as one of the poorest places where many people are living in misery and sinful lives. By starting this ministry in the area, Pastor Albert Rugamba believed that only the word of God can heal lives and the wounds of people of MUHIMA and change their social-economic and spiritual lives.

Inspired by the story of the Bible where Jesus Christ met one man who spent 38 years at Bethesda pool and healed him ( John 5:13), Pastor Albert Rugamba aimed to see people coming to Bethesda Holy Church, to seek healing from sickness, misery and curses. This is where the name « Bethesda Holy Church » came from.

So far Bethesda Holy Church’s vision has been successful, since this can be seen, lives of many people have changed socially, economically and spiritually.

BHC was established in March 2004 in Yamaha building with 30 members but now they are approximately 3000 members. The room where the church started could not accommodate all the congregations. Therefore, the church had to move to a bigger place. The only option was the space allocated for the warehousing facility.

Up today the church is still operating in this premise. However, the congregation is growing every day with people from different places of KIGALI city. The vision of BHC has gone beyond Kigali borders. Today Bethesda Holy Church has opened 5 BRANCHES in the country.

As long as miracles, signs and wonders are following the believers of Jesus Christ within BHC, many people are joining and servants of God in different provinces are proposing to open more branches of BHC.


A part from Sunday worship Service, BHC meets on Tuesday and Friday for evening Service and Bible teaching while Wednesday is dedicated to women gathering whereas the youth meet on Thursday.

BHC believes that by prayer, the devil’s strongholds can be pulled down !
From 7h00 to 15h00 on Fridays there is an intercessory prayer while the last week of every month from Monday to Friday the church holds a full week of prayer and fasting.
The last Sunday of each month upon the completion of the week-long prayer and fasting is characterized by a charitable action whereby the congregation brings food stuff, clothes and other material to assist the needy within the church community.

BHC is organized as follows :

A part from the Church committee, Pastor Rugamba is assisted by Pastor Rwibasira Vincent. Bethesda Holy Church has three well-organized choirs that are ministering through gospel, songs and crusades. Those choirs are Bethesda Choir, Sauti Hewani choir and Light Group choir.

As for the youth ministry, there is BOANEGES, a talented group ministering through dances. For praise and worship, BHC has a powerful worship team that leads the congregation in the presence of the Lord during church services.

For the self development of its members, BHC is teaching church members and other people who have not got the chance to go to school to read and write. There are dispensing SWAHILI and ENGLISH lessons. Servants of the Lord are about to be sent for theology school soon.

BHC has designed projects for Women and provided them with money to start some income generating small businesses, in order to care for their families. Some orphans are receiving school fees, thanks to BHC assistance. The small budget used comes from offerings.

At BHC we have anti-AIDS clubs. Within these clubs, people are taught the word of God and the way to fight the HIV scourge by living a holy life as a child of God.


Pastor Albert RUGAMBA has a vision of building a church capable of accommodating 10,000 people for the Lord. Thanks to God, the Land of 4 hectares has been acquired and the construction works of the Bethesda Cathedral has stated since January 2011 and we are expecting to start using this new church next year 2014.

All official documents and building permits have been obtained from relevant Government authorities. This land is very strategic according to the Church Vision of bringing goods news to many people. BHC is targeting highly populated areas such as Gacuriro, Gisozi, Kacyiru and Kibagabaga where there are few evangelical and revival churches.

BHC is not focusing at spiritual welfare alone. It is planed that on this plot, there will be a nursery School and a Secondary school.
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